Thursday, August 1, 2013

2300 Franklin Pike

This building was an old Beaman Automotive dealership.  I got my car fixed here once!  Also, turns out it's in the City of Berry Hill, so there's that.  It's on the lot fronting Franklin between Melpark Dr. and Bradford Ave.

Currently under construction on the site is a $33 Million, 266-unit apartment complex.
It will apparently be called "23Hundred at Berry Hill".

Yeah, that's a familiar style...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1226 16th Ave. S.

I mentioned the Note16 development yesterday but had totally forgotten that there was an existing structure on the property before construction started. Luckily it's still available on Google Street View (though you can't get a great look at it through the trees):

A pretty ugly 2-story brick structure. In the past this building was something called the "International English Institute" as well as the "Council on Community Service". Which are both pretty vague. I'm not sure when the building was built, probably late 60s or early 70s.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2151 Acklen Ave.

This was an older, kind of ugly apartment building, apparently built in 1965.  It's being torn down for a 16-unit luxury condo development.




Also maybe they are also demoing the two houses next to it on Acklen?  I haven't actually been over there lately to look.

1811 21st Ave S.

This one is a big deal, locally.  The building at the corner of 21st Ave. S. and Acklen in Hillsboro Village has been demolished and will be replaced (by local juggernaut Hill Realty) with a larger mixed residential / retail building.  It will apparently have 47 apartments, which was scaled down from the original plans because of the area's zoning overlay, which limits height. 

The old building was a single-story strip that housed the Zeitgeist Gallery, Posh Boutique, Cotton Music, Retropolitan, Peabody Shoe Repair, and a cosmetics shop.  I think it also included the All Fired Up pottery studio in the rear.

1724(?) 14th Ave. S.

I'm not entirely sure about the address on this one because the parcel has changed but I think it was originally 1724 14th Ave. S.  Now it is 1300-1308 Wedgewood Ave. as the "Belmont Close Townhomes", a 5 unit project that was completed in spring 2013. 

Now it looks like this:

1223 15th Ave. S

This house was on sale for a little bit last year and appeared to be in pretty bad shape.  I walked past it recently and saw that it had been knocked down and a large infill was under construction.  The property assessor website says the original house was built in 1930 and sold in May, 2013 for $170,000.

Street view

1303 Villa Pl.

I'm too late on this one.

1303 Villa Pl. was an ugly brown duplex on the corner of Villa Place and Horton, in Edgehill.  Built around 1983 according to the property assessor, it was purchased by Stonehenge Village, LLC in 2012 (or maybe earlier? they were certainly using it earlier) and used as the construction office for the adjacent Note16 apartment building.  It was demoed in mid-July, 2013 and is currently a vacant lot, surely pending sale to a developer who will drop in a $500k infill.

Street View link